Monday, February 28, 2011

It's International Corporate Philanthropy Day.

Since we believe that doing public good is good business! Hastatus is announcing that  we will be donating 10 percent of our profits to charity annually. 

We believe that aligning with like minded communities is the next step that social conscious  business leaders will be pushing their corporate minded brethern to embrase and @HastatusLLC is ready to do our part. 
Social consciousness is consciousness shared within a society. It can also be defined as social awareness; to be aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis; to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society.  Wiki 

So for the next year will will be donating money to two different charities on top of the technical contributions that we now provide to a number of groups and nonprofits.    We have already selected our first group Help Earth Foundation and we will be seeking out a second in the emergency response or volunteers in emergency areas. 

If you know of such a group please let us know and we'll contact them to find out about their program and how we can help them. 

Thanks for your support in the past and we look forward to greatness in the future. 

Mgmt. Hastatus, LLC

Nelson R. Jacobsen, Director 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Public Good v (Profit) what's a biz to do.

The Marginal Utility of Public Good  MUPG is something that we believe will start to take hold in the masses as they see that using a marginal utility is not only for money, which really is a store of value, to wanting to know the impact that businesses and their individual decisions have on the public good.

There is only one thing for each of us to do. Starting measuring your actions by the level of MUPG. It will be the best guide going forward and the fact that consumers already got businesses to look at the Environmental impact means that the door was opened for this new level of scrutiny beyond does it make money.

To learn more please add to your blogs to follow and consider it going forward.  We do it's how best use and bases for #4wins.